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Brooklyn Noll

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Research Paper

April 27, 2016
Psychology: The Final Acceptance of A New Life

People with various emotional problems all handle psychological treatments differently. Some talk to therapists to get rid of their problems and others listen to music to release bad energy. Psychology has helped many people around the world, but people may not realize the negative effects emotionally by receiving psychological treatments, bringing back haunting memories. Different people react differently to treatments according to their past problems, present problems, and future problems. According to “The Healing Sources,” “Traditional approaches to treating emotional trauma includes talk therapies, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and systematic desensitization to reduce reactivity to a traumatic stressor.” Even though many people see therapy in a negative light, there are so many positive aspects to counseling. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. I think most people can be helped by talking about their problems because it relieves stress and promotes mental well being. According to “NHS,” “If you’re going through a sad or upsetting time, talking therapies can help you deal with it. This could be helpful with a loss of a friend, after you find out you have a serious illness, or if you lost your job.” Seeing a psychologist impacts people in psychically, emotionally, and mentally.
People have a different definition of good and bad. Many see only negative thoughts about psychology for example, it “Interfering with relationships, sleeping patterns, eating habits, and everyday life.” However many others see the good in treatments and use the benefits as a common reason to seek it. People with mental illnesses delude themselves into thinking treatments don’t benefit someone because they’ve been through things no one could possibly understand. According to an observer from the Organization of Psychosocial Science, “Human suffering is often accompanied by beautiful acts of compassion by others wishing to receive it.” This observer is showing how the human suffering is helped with, “Beautiful acts of compassion” such as reaching out and helping a friend realize they need treatments or a psychologist helping someone get rid of horrific memories. In addition, according to the Organization of Good Therapy, “Group therapy is a common type of treatment for survivors of emotional abuse. Sharing experiences with those who have had similar events occur in their lives often creates a positive and helpful environment for survivors of abuse to rebuild self esteem and confidence.” This supports my research because it shows that talking not only to a psychologist but to others or in a group can help your inner issues. Listening to other people’s problems and how they coped with them can give you ideas on how to get over yours and shows how talking treatments can help in several ways. From several different kinds of eating disorders to emotional issues from a past problem, having treatments done, no matter what kind, benefits every one of these categories. Therefore, from my research that I have conducted, I have found out that talking therapies, group sessions, and relaxation techniques can greatly aid in coping with and recovering from depression and other mental illnesses by altering destructive and negative behavioral patterns and thoughts.
People react differently to experiencing or going through treatments for anxiety, depression, and mental disorders depending on their backgrounds and who surround them as their support group. The history of someone’s past situations and the outcomes of those situations can have a reflection on how well or not so well they react to the treatments. In reference, someone having a traumatic, life changing obstacle can delay one to wanting to attend therapy sessions and cause hesitation about opening up about those deep issues resulting in no change or worsening the problem. For example, according to the world wide famous news paper, “New York Times,” Mary Duenwald states how having the wrong friends can also have a negative side effect to seeking help, “Some lie, insult and betray. Some are overly needy. Some give too much advice. Psychologists and sociologists are now calling attention to the negative health effects of bad friends.” Duenwald states this because it shows how the people you hang around make someone have negative outlooks on therapy and could possibly reflect on someone to not seek help. She explains that the people you surround yourself with can make or break a person. In addition, also explaining how some therapies differ on the person Scott Lilienfeld, professor of psychology at Emory University, states, “Among the treatments Lilienfeld listed are critical incident stress debriefing, facilitated communication, recovered-memory techniques, boot camps for conduct disorder, attachment therapy, dissociative identity disorder-oriented psychotherapy, grief counselling for normal bereavement and expressive-experiential psychotherapies.” These countless problems people received after experiencing different types of therapies proves the power of the impact of bringing back crucial memories. Therefore, talking treatments with friends or peers might not always be the smartest resolution. Based on who you choose to be your support group, can have a huge impact on the outcome.
The effects of seeing a psychologist impacts someone emotionally greatly by either curing someone mentally or however causing worse mental illnesses. Overcoming eating disorders from talking to others who have had it, Creating some one’s self esteem for the first time, or even destroying one’s confidence from bringing back haunting memories due to the effectiveness of therapy treatments does not justify its use. It is time for people to understand that seeing a psychologist impacts those who are ready to overcome fears and surround themselves with positive vibes. In order to overcome those diseases and fears, people must accept the fact there needs to be change, be prepared for change, and accept their new improved life.

Cover Letter




Meaning Behind the 8 Letter 2 Syllable Name

Brooklyn Danielle was the name I was assigned with the day I arrived
and the name that will define my reputation and character
No matter how simple the
8 letter 2 syllable name is
Rolling off people’s tongues
with not a care in the world
Though I wish for a more “Normal name”
Like Jane or Rose
Names that come with flashing light key chains
at those cheesy souvenir shops
but much more
satisfaction of fitting in.

I use to dream about fitting in
same name brand BKE jeans
only causing me to look like a clone
making my self esteem drop.

New year, new grade, more new faces
new responsibilities, more privileges
maturity begins to develop
resulting a new identity, a new person
Someone more than just Jane or Rose
But Brooklyn.

New faces begin to appear
Several Madison’s or Sarah’s
here and there pop up everywhere
Only one Brooklyn remains.

The thing about the 8 letter 2 syllable name is
Maybe one day I can invite her to a bonfire
swap unique stories
Because I might like to find out what’s behind the
8 letter 2 syllable name

The Attributes of Being an Effective Leader

“Bro just get in the car, I’ve only had a few… We’ll be ight,” says the young under-aged boy as he slurs his words, reeks of alcohol, and grabs the keys from his sober friend. “No man, you’ve had too much to drink tonight.” Just like stopping a poisoned friend of alcohol about to ruin his life, showing leadership attributes takes great responsibility. Becoming a great leader takes effective leadership such as taking risks and having a vision of goal setting.
One important attribute for what makes leader is taking risks such as the willing to be assertive at the right time and not being scared to “Step out of the box,” and be unique. For example, time crunches and the pressure of leading the volleyball team to state is on my shoulders. I glance to my left and observe the fire in Coach Thorn’s eyes as she yells with passion, “I need you to step up, be assertive!” I look to my right, point at the freshmen now taking a starter’s spot and say, “This is you. Right here, right now!” Whistle blows, perfect three option pass from the libero, graceful quickset from the setter, and down went the ball. The ball that led us to state and lead me to leadership. The assertiveness and leadership the volleyball player showed during the volleyball match lead her in a victory not only in volleyball, but also as being a leader. In addition, a dorky lanky freshmen was innocently walking down the congested hallway as it soon separates like Moe’s and the red sea. The senior, aka the “Big dogs,” of the high school strut past the freshmen boy and shoved him to the ground, leaving him as they say it “eating dirt.” The seniors begin to chuckle as one sallows “That lump,” of guilt down his throat, picks up the boy, pats him on the back, smiles, and walks away. Whether it’s an athlete stepping up and taking assertiveness, or being different than the rest like the senior, these are the characteristics of a leader. Therefore, when becoming a leader one must step up to the plate being ambitious and having the desire to do what’s right.
A true leader has a vision of goal setting and willing to do anything in their power to accomplish their wish achievement. For example, the Apple inventor, Steve Jobs, started his Apple company all with a small idea, but with his vision in seeing the future grew the small idea into a life/generation changing product. The diligence Steve Jobs showed to accomplish his goal is the same characteristics a leader holds. Therefore, being a leader and setting a goal can affect your life by changing one into a humble person.
Pressured life situations, saving lives, and making miracles are all effects of being a great leader, however a leader knows how to handle such situations. Being a leader can cause someone to develop a “Beautiful soul,” on the inside and out.

The Effects of Today’s Cell Phones

Screams of bloody murder,tragic nightmares,feelings of comfort,the burial of a loved one,feeling of protection,these are some of the twisted mixed emotions the cell phones have impacted our new generation. Whether it’s the peaks of feeling comfort from and protection from your pocket, or the down faults of losing precious loved ones in car accident. The growth of cell phone use has changed many lives in drastic ways such as loss/addiction, and another note has even got generation more protection and safety.
The newest technology such as Iphone’s has created various addictions like the most common favored, texting while driving. For example, a young teen aged person, an immature driver just passed the legal limit, cruising down the congested highway of on coming traffic with not a care in the world, bee-bopping away, then “Boom!” The simple hand held device has yet created a, “Wonder of a lifetime,” like the pushy phone companies trans people into believing, but yet a tragic nightmare that a sorrowful mother of a child who was killed in a texting-while-driving car accident. In addition, while a busy business man has his left over breakfast in one hand, his Bluetooth earpiece on a call with his boss, and his phone in the other hand texting,focus varies off the road not noticing he now has reached a school zone. “Bam,” just in a blink of an eye the busy business man who was too busy on cellular devices now has ruined many lives and a child’s future. Therefore, with this these real-world observations, cell phones have had a huge impact on our lives by creating an, “Unbreakable bond,” now that even turns into an obsession or addiction.
With this being said, the cellphones have created a feeling of comfort and protection just from your pocket. For example, a couple left for a “getaway weekend,” forgetting to alarm their house, the husband pulls out his phone, and with a click of the button alarms his house. Just like that, Iphone’s began to create a sense of security and safety between it and it’s owner. Cell phone’s may have a “bad rep” in our new generations (some situations this is true) but cell phones have made a come back with the new accessories such as alarming your house,detecting if there is a fire, or even a break in just from your pocket, which creates trust.
To the feeling of protection, bloody covered scenes, comfort, the burial of a love one, phones have had a serious impact on our society. Leaving it to our generation to abuse it, or take advantage of the privilege.

Expository Essay- Do You Let Fear Control You?

The heartbeats of my pulse are beating out of my chest, the “nervous sweats” dripped down and chilled my body leaving my stomach turning circles and my mind defeating me. “Pow!” The gun shop off and the “gut race,” 1600 meter relay, had begun and I soon let my fear of my doubts choke me, leaving me in the dust. Just like nerves taking over a runners body before a race, fear can take over your body. Fear can affect people’s lives by controlling someone emotionally and can create various illnesses.

Fear can control someone’s life by making them miss out on opportunities and can prevent someone from making memories. For example, two athletic volleyball players fighting for a position, one naturally gifted in talent, one born with the heart of a champion. The naturally gifted one suddenly gets passed up by the one giving it 110%, and sees her as a threat, which turns into fear. The All-American has been replaced and the heart of gold now has her spot. Fear over the All-American volleyball player controlled her and now she has missed the chance to rise to the occasion. In addition, a family went on vacation to make memories of a lifetime. Jimmy’s parents wanted to go parasailing for a fun excursion, but Jimmy is deathly afraid of heights and has a fear of falling into the water. Jimmy had to sit on the boat and watch his family make memories without him because he didn’t conquer his fear. Letting fear get the best of you, can cost you a lifetime of memories. Therefore, fear can control one physically and hurt the mental mindset of the body.

Fear can affect someone’s life by causing many different health issues, such as creating a negative mindset and depression. For example, a straight A student, parents shoving books and the mindset of “perfection,” is the only exception down her throat, Jenna crams late-night studying and doubtful thoughts in her head for the, “No Pass, No Play,” test, the next morning. Fear is a strong emotion that not only affects someone physically, but also emotionally by creating doubtful thoughts which can lead to emotional sickness, such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, fear can affect a person’s life by hurting someone emotionally and soon causing someone emotional sickness.

Pulse racing, positive thoughts turn into negative, and before you even take a step of a race, you already have been defeated emotionally…. Fear can cost a lifetime of loss of memories and stop people from reaching one’s full potential.

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